7pm NY
free webinar for all women
who want to discover their Power


Transform Your Relationship With
Money, And Open The Floodgates
To A Life Of Free-Flowing Wealth
& Prosperity


    After the webinar, you will:
    • Find out how the lineage energy impacts the money karma
    • Go on a space journey to the MATRIX OF YOUR WELL-BEING: ritual aimed at enhancing wealth
    • Find balance in relations with the material world and connection to the source of abundance
    • Understand why abundance disappears
    • Undergo express diagnostics of the money karma
    • Find out the main principles of lineage wealth and stability
    My dear ladies, I invite you to this free webinar!

    It will be held in a magical space, and I will perform sacral rituals and practices for you, which will activate your lineage abundance flow and eliminate all negative and karmic reasons preventing you from living a full and colorful life. This is the invitation for women who are interested in finding out how to attain balance between the material and the spiritual world.

    Join us and become a strong woman as you are meant to be
    by nature. Get unique subscription bonuses!

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      • Enlightened woman and temple priestess
      • Her Spiritual Master is Sri Aurobindo
      • Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities
      • Besides, she is a leader of charity movements all over the world. Every day she helps women all around the world, with advice and deed, to become empowered, healthy, and happy
      • Madonna is the enlightened woman, who came from the star Sirius to Earth with a great mission. An enlightened Masters call Madonna “The Mother of the Earth”, because by her spiritual actions, prayers, meditations and magic rituals she strives to prevent the end of the life on the Earth
      • Charity leader, The Creator of the International Temple school, she leads the circles of Feminine Power, seminars and practices of love and mutual help all over the world. She does everything that is needed to help humanity to avoid planetary catastrophe and to reach prosperity

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      Stories of Student Transformations & Growing

      Every single day, we receive over 100 letters from students about how Madonna changed their lives. Watch student stories on our reviews Section.

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      "It was such a wonderful experience. I was struggling with anxiety. I feel stress relief now, I am calm and my worries and emotions are slowly disappearing. All the practices and meditations we did really helped!"


      "I know myself, I know my human being who can hesitate and be afraid of things. Also, I feel my soul who saves wisdom, love and the knowledge of my predestination in this life. Ancient practices on Madonna's retreats help women to remind who they are, heal soul wounds, change life for better and create healthy and happy relationships with other people and the world."


      "I have my own business, I work a lot and have lack of time to rest, relax and get inspiration. So I noticed that my energy was very low, I suffered from emotional misbalance, I was grumpy and irritable. I felt I needed something that will restore my energy and recharge my mind."

      This knowledge is necessary for every modern woman

      We are not taught to understand female nature and its true power in school or at college. Our parents also neglected this knowledge. That is why in this webinar I will give you the ancient, sacred knowledge about the power of women and tell you how and why you need to use this power.

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        And get a special gift — "Mantra of Feminine Power" Mantra